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Manpower Supplier
A manpower supplier is a company or agency that provides businesses with temporary or permanent employees to meet their staffing needs. These employees can be skilled or unskilled and can work in various fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and more.
Factory Act Compliance
Factory Act Compliances began with the setting up the plant and the hours of labour and sanitation, age of commencing work, protection against accidents, mealtimes and holidays, the methods of remuneration, to the rate of wages and how often a work space must be lime washed.
Payroll Processing
We are offers payroll processing services which will reduce your cost and save your time and mitigates the risk of compliance.
Contract Labour Compliances
The practice of employing contract labour through contractors and other agencies is prevalent across nations and industries in different occupations including skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled work.
Compliances Audit & Consultation
Organization who wants to become legally compliant with minimally investment of resources, outsourcing compliance experts may become the key to success.
Website Design and Development
Website Design and Development refers to the process of designing, building, and maintaining a website. It involves a range of activities, including graphic design, content creation, programming, and web server configuration.